Ardour Digital is a specialist development company based in Bristol, UK. I’m Rhys Godfrey and started the company in 2014 when I left full time employment and started contracting, over those years I’ve done a variety of work and projects, but found the ones working directly with clients much more enjoyable and a nicer way to put my experience to good use!

I was born and grew up in Cardiff and have been a full stack developer since leaving university in 2007 (doing Computer Science at Bristol University), with experience building a wide range of enterprise solutions. Architecting and developing .NET applications from the ground up, integrating with a variety of platforms and services. My first project after uni was using Telligent Community (2.1!), and have worked on every version of the platform, across a variety of communities, from small internal communities, to one of the biggest peer support communities in Europe. Throughout my career I’ve been client facing with extensive experience collaborating with stakeholders and team members and leading them to improve the application delivery process leading to an increased quality and faster release time. If your working with us your probably be dealing with me, although we do use some carefully chosen partners from time to time.

Ardour Digital work with a variety of clients from small start-ups through to national charities, and multi-national companies. We specialise in Verint Community (aka Telligent Community), but love to build web applications of all shapes and sizes, and will always look to use the right tool for the job. We usually work remotely, so if you’re not near Bristol, then no problem! We work in agile way, and will try and get value to your users as quickly as possible, then build up the extra features.

The name Ardour Digital comes from my name, Rhys is welsh for enthusiasm or ardour, I thought this made the perfect name for a small enthusastic company.

If you want to know more, or are interested in working with us, get in touch for a chat!