You have a Verint Community (aka Telligent Community), or you are interested in getting one, but have some questions or problems you need some help with, we can help and our check up service is the perfect way to start.

For £650 (+VAT) we’ll work with you on your biggest problem or question about the platform, try and identify any quick wins and help you with a plan to move forward.

  • Want to customise the experience?

  • Wondering how to integrate community with your brand?

  • Want to integrate with your other services?

  • Having performance issues?

  • Concerned about an upgrade?

How it works

1. Enquiry

Get in touch with us, and let us know a little about your community and the problem you want help with.

2. Introductions

We’ll organise a short 30 minute call with you to get a little more detail and as every problem is different run through what we expect to provide.

3. Paperwork

The boring part! We’ll send you a contract and a summary of what we discussed on the introductions call, and an invoice for the deposit.


4. Access

We’ll need access to your community, test environments, servers etc. What we’ll need access to will depend on the problem, we’ll give you details on this as part of the paperwork.


5. Deep Dive

We’ll start looking deeper into your problem, this will usually take the form of a 1 hour call with the stakeholders at your business.


6. Investigation

You can relax a little, we’ll go off and investigate what can help you for about half a day. Trying a few things out, maybe writing a little code. We may have a few questions for you during this process.


7. Write Up

We’ll put together a document for you outlining what we found and how you can move forward.

This might include some configuration or widget changes you can make, some code you use, an estimate for what extra work you need, or a combination of these.


8. Review Call

Once you’ve had a chance to read the write up, we’ll schedule another 30 minute call where we’ll give an overview of the suggestions and answer any questions you have.

After this call we will send the invoice for the rest of the payment.