Building a new product? Want to integrate with a new service? Need some additional development? We can help with bespoke development of web applications (websites/APIs) or for Verint Community (aka Telligent Community).

Every project is different, and we will adapt our process based on the project and your business, an example process is below, but the best way to find out if we’re the right company for your project is to get in touch.

How it works

Every development project is different, so these are just example steps. When you get in touch we’ll discuss the options available.


Get in touch with us, and let us know a little about your community and the type of support you need.


We’ll organise a short 30 minute call with you to get a little more detail and discuss the support process.

3. Proposal

We’ll create a proposal for an investigation into your requirements, this will contain the time needed for us to flesh out the requirements with you, get any necessary design work done, and provide a quote.

If your happy with this investigation proposal we’ll send you an invoice for the deposit and a contract to cover this initial phase.


4. Quote

We’ll create a full proposal for the project along with estimates for the work. If some features are optional we’ll present these to you seperately along with our recommendations so you can pick from our “menu” of choices.



The boring part! We’ll send you a contract for the work and an invoice for the depoist.


6. Build

The fun part! We’ll get started on the build and keep in touch with you as we go.

We use continuous deployment so there is always a test environment ready for you with the latest work.


7. Review and Tweak

During the build we’ll be checking with you regularly to make sure we’re on the right track, but once we’ve finished we’ll hand over to you for review, and handle any tweaks that need to be made.


8. Release

We’ll work with you to release your project ready for your users.

This is the point we’ll send the invoice for the rest of the payment.


9. Support

Need ongoing support? We can help with that - hosting, additional features or just some advice from time to time.