Are you a developer new to Verint Community (aka Telligent Community)? Want to learn more about how to develop on the platform and customise your comminity? We can help get you up to speed with how to extend and get the most out of your community.

We have created a series of videos to run through some of the basics, which you can see below, if there is one missing or something you’d like to see get in touch, or send us a tweet!

If you would like more in depth training, or have a question on a certain area then get in touch. We offer training sessions for teams of all sizes.


These are the first in our series of video tutorials, if you enjoy them, or would like to see more let us know!

Simple plugin with configuration

Plugins are one of the most common ways of extending the Telligent platform, and are .NET classes implementing the IPlugin interface.

Translating a plugin

It's good practice to make plugins translatable in Telligent Community, this means you should avoid hard coding strings in your plugins and widgets.


Adding options to the rich text editor

The Rich Text Editor is used throughout Telligent Community, and has an Insert menu that can be used to insert items into the content, such as links, images or polls.